International Institute for Clinical Research and Analysis (IICRA srl) is a young and dynamic start-up company which is a Spin Off of the University of Camerino. It has been founded in July 2015 and it is located in Camerino in the Marche region.

IICRA srl is a company which has the aim to design and realize innovative innovative projects concerning Research and Development and clinical trials in the field of drugs and well-being products, developing researches born in the academic environment.

The idea to found this company has arisen following the success of two Second Level Masters held in the University of Camerino, coordinated by IICRA founders ed aimed to the healthcare operators acting in the pharmaceutical, pharmacological and therapeutical fields:

  • Master in “Clinical Galenic” to develop the knowledge about the galenic drugs;

  • Master in “Clinical Research and Drug Development” to develop the knowledge about the industrial drugs.

The first step of the research team has been to realize an academic Spin Off. The Spin Off registered two patents in the first 18 months of working period. One patent was about the prevention and the therapy of periodontal and dental implants related pathologies. Another one was about the musculoskeletal metabolism (Altered Motility Syndrome). IICRA srl also registered a trademark to identify a range of nutritional supplements for human and animal usage whose formulation is based on olive leaves extracts.

In August 2017 – within the POR Marche 2014-2017 “Sostegno allo sviluppo e al consolidamento di start up ad alta intensità di applicazione di conoscenza” – IICRA srl has been approved the access the public founding to develop the prototype of the first registered patent. The company is already starting its cooperation with leading Italian companies to achieve the best quality standards from the prototype to the final product.

Nowadays the IICRA research group, in cooperation with other Italian companies, is continuing to study the potentiality of the extracts obtained from plants, especially from olive leaves to develop brand new formulations with an high technological value to improve both human and animal health.