Project Description

The main target of the AMS project is the identification of new formulations for supplements to prevent and manage both the bone and muscle loss. These conditions can be better identified with the expression “Altered Motility Syndrome” (AMS). In fact both the osteoporosis and the muscle loss are faces of the same coin: the atrophy of the musculoskeletal system related to the aging process, to the loss of movement or to a mixture of them. The atrophy could lead to motor disabilities, falls, fractures. The bio-mechanical signals of the muscles to the bones is able to partially explain the development and reshaping process of the bones themselves.

IICRA researchers are studying an holistic approach founded on the “cross-talk” between the bones and the muscles to break the closed-loop which leads to the involution of the musculoskeletal apparatus. IICRA research is focused to prevent the AMS through safe and effective supplements, whose formulation is realized following a rigorous and scientific approach towards a vision of personalized employment.